How to Choose Modern Bathroom Faucets

When it comes to modern bathroom faucets, there is no size that fits all. In most cases, the sink you have in your bathroom will help you determine which bathroom faucet type you need. It’s important that you measure your faucet center, which is the distance that runs from the dead center of the right hole to the left, before you go out to buy new bathroom faucet. Again, you should measure the distance from your wall to your faucet. Be sure to measure any mirror or overhanging cabinet.

Consider which installation type you need

Here are some of the most common installation types

  • Centerset
    The centerset style is a very flexible style that is great for large and small bathrooms. You can mount centerset to your sink with a single hole as well and the bathroom sinks with 4-inch faucet centers. Centerset is an all-in-one unit. A faucet and two handles are all mounted onto one base that you will then mount onto the sink.
  • Single-hole
    Single-hole modern bathroom faucets are deck mounted, and they usually have one handle only, but they can have two handles sometimes. Single-hole faucets are great for smaller bathrooms. Compared to other types of the modern bathroom faucets available, single-hole faucets are extremely easy to install.

  • Vessel
    Vessel bathroom faucets are sleek. They are elegant and a great choice for anyone who loves style. Typically, vessels feature a lever handle. Vessels are taller faucet types. They make the ideal pair to any decorative vessel sink.
  • Widespread
    These faucet types are some of the most popular ones in the bathrooms today. They have two handles, which mount separately into the faucet centers from 8 to 16 inches apart. This makes widespread faucet types a versatile option.
  • Floor-Standing
    These faucet types are all about looks. Floor-standing faucets provide a dramatic focal point in your bathroom. So, if you are looking for the beautiful, crown jewel of a bathroom, then this type of modern bathroom faucet is your perfect option.
  • Wall mount
    Wall mount is a type of modern bathroom faucet that mounts directly into the bathroom wall, creating a very unique point of interest for any bathroom. Their handle types do vary. Some wall mount faucets have a two or a single handle. This faucet type is your best choice if you are looking for a more modern option rather than classic sink-mount options

Type of faucet handle
When shopping for modern bathroom faucets, you should know which style of bathroom faucet handle you want. Choose handle types and style that matches your bathroom decor perfectly, and which is going to be the most functional to you. Some of the available handles to consider include:

  • One handle
    A one easy to use handle is great for controlling both volume and temperature.
  • Two handle
    You can also opt for tow handle faucets. One handle is for controlling the temperature while another handle if controlling the volume. These handles are far much easier to use.

There are many different styles of bathroom faucets available, from traditional to modern. Think about the overall look and feel of your bathroom and choose a faucet style that complements it.

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