Lighted Makeup Mirror for the perfect makeup

A good lighting is one of the most important prerequisites for applying makeup properly. If your makeup room is not illuminated enough, you might experience problems such as applying too much eye shadow or blush, as well as imprecise makeup application. In this case, you should use a lighted makeup mirror. Owning such a mirror will make the makeup application process much easier, faster and more precise. However, not every lighted makeup mirror is a good mirror. Check our tips on choosing the best one.

Qualities of a good makeup mirror

There are several important things to check before you buy the lighted makeup mirror. Pay attention to its size, light intensity and light color, magnification, adjustability, as well as the quality of the base which it is located on.

The Lights: Choose a mirror with LED lights. They are the so-called “instant” lights, they’re long-lasting, energy-efficient and don’t emit a lot of heat. Pay special attention to the CRI. The ability to make colors look real is called “color rendering – CR”. “CRI” can be between 0 and 100. You want to pick a LED light closer to the 100 color rendering index. In this way, you will get more natural colors and a more pleasant light. Also, the light should not be too b because it will make shadows.

Proper Magnification: When choosing a mirror, it is important to choose the one with the right magnification. Such mirrors have two sides, plain/real and “enlarged”. Most often, mirrors are used with a magnification equaling to three to eight times.

Positioning: Mini mirrors should be adjustable when it comes to height and angle so that you don’t have to tilt it or hold it with your hand while applying makeup. If your makeup dresser/table is of a suitable height, put the mirror on the table, but if it’s too low, you should place it on the wall. If you will place your lighted makeup mirror onto the wall, make sure to adjust its height according to your seat. Always take care of its functionality first and then think about its decorative aspect.

Versatility and adjustability: If you are using a mirror on a base, check its stability and rotation options. Furthermore, there are models with magnets which can be attached to any smooth and flat surface. This will allow you to apply your makeup quickly, easily and precisely. Also, plucking your eyebrows will be very easy with such a convenient mirror. Additionally, if you are a man, you can shave easily if you place this mirror onto your bathroom cabinet door.

To sum it up, if the distance of your mirror in the bathroom represents a problem when you want to apply makeup or if the lack of light or a bad lighting in the bathroom creates shadows, lighted makeup mirror is the best solution for you. You should pick an adjustable, high-quality mirror with LED lights.

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