The Great Come – back of Wallpaper for Walls

Wallpaper for walls is living its great revival. Frowned upon or praised, it is true that wallpapers have returned to the interior design in a great way. Wallpapers have become a real hit once again! However, there are new thoughts on the position of wallpaper for walls among the interior designers. Now, they are not placed, as it used to be, on the whole area of the walls. They have rather become a decorative element in order to emphasize a point in the wall, the background of an interesting chest of drawers, a chimney, a bed header, horizontal chair steps, a column etc. Wallpaper for walls is an amazing tool able to create a special atmosphere in any corner of your room and having the magical power of transforming your child’s room into a real playground.

Keep on reading and discover the places where the wallpapers are welcome and why. Also, learn whether it’s just an interesting detail or an important part of the interior.

All you need to know on wallpapers

Nowadays, you can find wallpaper for walls characterized by different patterns and different textures and materials: paper, linen, plasticized, interactive, self-adhesive, washable, photo-wallpaper… Everything is permitted: all samples and colours that visually enhance your interior are very welcome!

Together with the great come-back, wallpapers have entered the bathrooms as well. They have become an excellent tool for enhancing the often boring and tubular corridors. Wallpapers containing different motifs and interesting text messages can also be applied to furniture or doors. Nevertheless, it is very important not to exaggerate with wallpaper application.

When choosing wallpaper samples, you must also be aware of the fact that everything that looks good on a small surface that does not necessarily have to look good on a large surface. A wrong pattern and material choice can bring discomfort into the space, make it look jammed, the space energy can become blocked and the overall impression can be quite the opposite from what you expected. On the other hand, a carefully chosen wallpaper, along with a decorative function, has the task of visually opening the space and bringing serenity and peace into it. Therefore, the choice of motifs and colours must first of all correspond to the personality of the people living in that space. Furthermore, it should be in accordance with the given interior.

Important rules and guidelines

Here are some guidelines that can make your wallpaper for walls choice much easier:

1. Pay attention to the patterns. If you are using vertical striped pattern, you can achieve the visual elongation effect. This is great for rooms with low ceilings.

2. Carefully choose the wallpaper pattern size. For smaller rooms, it is better to use bright colour wallpaper with a smaller pattern.

3. Be careful with the bordures. Bordures can be placed only in interiors with high ceilings.

4. Prepare the walls. Before placing the wallpapers, make sure you clean the walls. Scrape old wallpapers, level the uneven layers and fill the holes with plaster. Never stick wallpapers over the old ones.

3D Textured Wallpaper

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