Use affordable tablecloths to decorate the kitchen

You may probably be planning to decorate your kitchen, but without spending a fortune. The best way to decorate the table will be to use an oil cloth, which is generally referred to as plastic or vinyl tablecloth. The dining table is considered to be the center of all social activities of the family members and hence, the best Tablecloths need to be used to enhance its appeal. Besides making the room to appear great, a well selected one can even affect the way how the members interact with one another.

There are available Tablecloths in variety of designs, meant for general usage as well as to accommodate several occasions that are held throughout the year. It is available in different sizes and shapes, with circular and rectangular shapes being the commonly used ones.

Fitted types are popularly used at formal social events such as wedding receptions and at dining establishments. A good quality one is likely to be created from materials which will not allow accumulation of grime and dirt from usage and also will be wrinkle-free. This tends to make the tablecloth extremely durable and also easy to clean and maintain.

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Types of Tablecloths
They can be found in variety of fabrics. Vinyl based ones are quite affordable and come with PVC or plastic coating, thus making them waterproof. They are great for homes that have small children and pets. They are also produced in satin, Crinkle Taffeta and 100% polyester. The price of the tablecloth will depend upon the material quality used in its construction, where it is being ordered from and its thickness.

Dining establishments and restaurants which host different types of social events will prefer choosing Tablecloths created from solid fabric. The thicker ones indicate being made from superior quality materials. A quality, hefty tablecloth that is generally around 200 – 220 g/ m² (gsm) is used. Here, GSM refers to cloth thickness and stands for gram per square meter. Usually, the office paper sheet is of 80 g/ m². Hence, a good tablecloth is one that is 3 times the thickness of that of the ordinary paper.


Satin is a favorite material used and popular among many households. It comes with that delicate, soft look having super-fine glossy finish. Often, it is used at wedding events as well as to make stunning evening gowns and dresses.

The other interesting material that is quite suitable to be used for all types of social occasions is Crinkle Taffeta. When used, it can help to transform even the decrepit and old table into a beautiful looking one that will be praised by everyone. It is also stain resistant and wrinkle-free. This material is considered to be a must have especially for those large dinners and social events. The crinkled design is sure to appear good and can be used at any place.

Checking out the online stores is the best way to find affordable Tablecloths of various sizes. Styles and shapes at affordable prices.

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