What are the Advantages of Linear Shower Drains?


A linear shower drain is the name given to a narrow, long line-shaped drainage system set up in a unidirectional pitched shower. These are an improved method of drainage that gives a smooth and minimalist appearance to any shower. These are not just beautiful to look at, but are functional and practical as well. Linear shower drains are a part of luxurious plumbing structures, as these can offer an easy way to remove excess amount of water from showers. Know about some of the main advantages of these drainage systems.

Easy setup

These can be installed in an easier way, and have to face a specific direction while moving to the drain. Home owners can often install linear drains even without hiring any professionals or skilled technicians. You can set these up in multiple bathrooms within a short while. While setting up these types of drains, there is no setup of curbs in shower tubes and people can enter showers straightaway without any barrier.

Linear Shower Drains

More safety

These systems can also make it safer for you to take a shower, by minimizing the risks of falls. It is common to fall down and injure oneself while taking a shower or coming out of it. Linear shower drains work as per the guidelines and rules mentioned in The American Disability Act. For instance, even those who use wheelchairs can use showers with comfort without any straining. Even disable people can get the best assistance from this type of drainage system, and improved the quality of their lives. As these are curbless, and there is no separation between the shower area and other areas of the bathroom, both normal and disabled users can use it.

Convenient to maintain

It is also easy to clean up and maintain these types of drains. You should clean up according to the material used in manufacturing these drainage systems. For most types of materials, it is recommended that you use a mix of soap and water. Naturally, it is essential to ensure that your linear shower drains (home rises) have a sizeable debris basket – which can ensure that instances of pipe blockage or clogging are highly reduced and there is no need to spend a lot of repairing the pipe mechanisms.

​Highly flexible

These drains are highly flexible, and you can set these in any area of your bathroom space. These can work in those spaces that have few hindrances or obstacles, and can reduce extra costs and charges. These can be connected in straight lines and are typically installed at the entrance or at the shower room back wall.

Linear Shower Drains

Use of latest technology

Linear shower drains are also beneficial as these integrate dynamic shower waterproofing technology. The modern shower waterproofing sheet membranes have more effectuality than their former counterparts. These systems do not need any grout or tile for creating waterproofing protection.​

Nice design

These drains have a fantastic design, and these can blend well with the entire tile design. These have an aesthetic appearance, and can improve the overall appearance of homes.

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