Why do those high end faucet have expensive price?

The high end bathroom shower faucets have expensive price because of the brand image and brand culture. Because that a good brand will bring many additional benefit to consumers, such as good quality and perfect custom service. The other reason is for the advanced process craft and environmental technology even the fashionable design of the product. All these elements create a high end shower faucet.

1.Material–brass with Pb free

High end bathroom shower faucet used refined brass material with international standard. The price of such brass material is much more expensive than brass without this standard. Because the international brass is Pb free and can bring a healthy and environmental using life.

Outdoor Beach Shower aucet

2.Valve–diamond ceramic valve

High end faucet valve used ceramic valve because the hardness can reach the diamond level. The valve of high end faucet can avoid leaking to max 500,000 times while the using life is more than 10 years.

Outdoor Beach Shower aucet

3.Water hose–304 stainless steel hose

The water hose of high end faucet used pure 304 stainless steel because the 304 stainless steel can withstand high pressure.

4.Bubbler–seven layers bubbler

The bubbler of high end faucet can bring a very comfortable bathing feeling. These accessories can make sure the quality of the whole product.

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