Add 2 Light Wall Sconce and Complement Your Room

A sconce refers to light fixture fixed such that it is placed against the wall support. The wall scones are also known as task lighting and the modern concepts allow to be directed down, up or sideways. The 2-light wall sconce was initially used for corridors and hallways. The sconce lighting concept was used to highlight a point and to provide light along the corridor.

Wall sconces come in a wide variety and in aesthetically pleasing styles, designs, colors, and themes to serve in any room as the light source. The wall sconces may be fitted on any wall and it may appear as a decorative piece to complement the décor. Identifying the areas that need extra light while going with your work schedule can be fitted with a 2-light wall sconce to serve the right needs.

Accentuating touch

Sconce lighting offers an accentuating touch as a primary source of lighting. The sconce lighting concept stands the time of the test and is an appropriate choice even for smaller homes. There is the aesthetic advantage of the wall sconce as it emphasizes the art piece. The wall sconces can be placed at crucial points so that you on or off according to your needs.

Decorative Wall Sconces
Decorative Wall Sconces


  • The sconce lighting is suitable for nurseries as they light specific areas allowing them to work without causing any disturbance to the baby.
  • The 2-light wall sconce is an ideal choice in the kitchens. They are used for cooking and preparation area such that fixing on the separate wall suits the purpose.
  • In the study room, the wall sconce provides more light directly on your table. It allows hanging from the room center.


Lighting consumes electricity significantly in a home. Now, with the prices of energy shooting sky-high, ideas leading to energy bills saving is a welcome step. This is where the wall sconces play a crucial role in saving energy as it provides light in a requisite amount in the activity area without the need to light the entire room. Adding light dimmers offers the advantage of electricity bills saving.

Bathroom sconces

A bathroom is a room that is most used and placing a wall sconce on any wall that needs more light is helpful. The 2-light wall sconce is available in different shapes that enhance the bathrooms décor. Choosing a wall sconce for the bathroom creates the lighting required and the style complements the other things in the bathroom. The benefits are many of the wall sconces:

  • It is directly attached to the wall that prevents additional floor space, as it provides direct or ambient lighting.
  • A wall sconce that features 2-light eliminates the requisite for overhead lighting. However, ensure the sconce is positioned over the vanity directly or is fixed in a strategic location.
  • The 2-light wall sconces casting direct light makes an ideal choice for styling hair, makeup, or shaving.

The wall sconces come in a myriad of styles that buyers can narrow from plenty of options. You get to find something specific as a 2-light wall sconce.

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