Make Your Shower Experience Unique with Fold Down Shower Bench

Having a fold-down shower bench transforms your shower experience. This is one of the bathroom accessories that is loved by everyone. It not only looks beautiful but is equally sturdy if it is in teak wood. A shower bench in teak wood is easy to maintain and it is water-resistant, making it a luxurious accessory.

Why fold down shower bench?

Seniors or people with injuries or disabilities can enjoy showers comfortably. It is great for people loving to take long showers. Using a teak fold down shower bench is very useful as it can be used as shaving support or a shelf. A traditional shower bench of the folding type is unattractive as they feature a chunky seat.

Folding Wall Mounted Shower Seat
Folding Wall Mounted Shower Seat

Features in a Worthy Shower Bench?

The fold-down shower bench that is engineered offering the installation ease. It is functional, meets the aesthetics and assures durability is the right choice. These come wall-mounted and can be folded down ready for use and it also can be flipped the other way, if it is not in use.

The seats of the shower bench are available in various shapes and sizes such as ivory, white, or even in wood-grained laminate decks. The mounting flanges are in stainless steel, the same as the tubular components. The shower bench of high-quality has 100% fabried seats using domestically available labor and raw material.

The shower benches are in L-shape and are ADA compliant. The seat is suitable for left and right-hand appliions. However, the essential features in a fold-down shower bench are the following:

  • It should offer Good support such that it should be capable of accommodating people of all sizes and weights.
  • The shower bench folding design must fold out and up so that people who do not need the shower bench also can shower conveniently.
  • Using a shower bench that features an alluring design makes showering time very special. Accessibility or mobility equipment can be attractive, besides being functional. The design flair gives a pleasant feel. Being disabled or senior does not have to keep them deprived of enjoying beautiful things.
  • Check for essential features and before buying check with the prices, compare it between models and look for offer value. There may be some bathroom detailers offering at a discount, check and get the benefit.

Before Buying A Folding Shower Bench

Transparent Folding Seat
Transparent Folding Seat

Understanding a fold-down shower bench features is imperative before buying. Check the one that you buy can be wall-mounted and can fit properly in your bathroom.

Also, note that the wall should be in brick construction. It is because a stud or partition wall cannot support even if the design appears to incorporate legs and it will be dangerous to users.

Without fail consult the documentation of manufacturers before fitting it to the shower panels so that you get proper advice regarding waterproofing and fixing holes.

Enjoy next-level shower experience with a folding shower bench and ensure the safety of your family while showering. For additional safety, you can combine a grab bar.

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