How to Maintain your Bronze Bathroom Shelf

Are upgrading your bathroom, and you have just purchased your best bathroom shelf? Congratulations. It is the dream of every man and woman to own a home and to install bathroom accessories of his or her choice.

Compared to other bathroom shelves made out of other materials such as cast-iron, brass, and iron, bronze bathroom shelf has the ability to resist corrosion better. However, they still need some maintenance.

Maintaining your bronze bathroom shelf is what you must now do. That way, it will remain clean, retain its color, remain safe for any user, and last relatively longer. For you to keep it looking new and shiny, you will need to know how to take care of it. It’s worth noting that using moisture-cleaning solutions will definitely damage bronze hardware. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about if you have no idea how to maintain your bronze bathroom shelf. With the following maintenance tips, you will be able to keep it and other bathroom accessories clean and in good condition.

  • Clean it more often

For you to keep bronze bathroom shelf free from deterioration and corrosion, you will have to conduct routine cleaning. Be sure to apply the right cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning will make your bathroom shelf keep its great color, shine and last for years.

  • Dust it frequently

Bronze attract dust. So, you should dust your bronze bathroom shelf frequently. Otherwise, dust will build up on it and eat away especially at the surface of your bronze bathroom shelf. Apart from dust, other bathroom grime such as hairspray, shaving gel and toothpaste will also affect the surface of bronze bathroom shelf. Frequent dusting will ensure that there is no built-up-dust or any other bathroom grime on your bronze bathroom shelf.

Bathroom Corner Shelf Wall Mount Black Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Bathroom Corner Shelf Wall Mount Black Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Polish it periodically

Polishing your bronze bathroom shelf will make it retain its color, shine and last longer. To do the polishing, take a clean flannel cloth and dip it in liquid wax. Use the cloth to wipe the whole shelf with the wax. After which, you should allow it to dry. This will coat the entire shelf. Next, you will need to take a fresh flannel cloth and use it to buff the metal. Doing this periodically will definitely help in restoring the beauty and shine on your bronze shelf. It usually becomes faded with time. So, periodic polishing is very necessary.

  • Deep clean every month

It’s advisable that you deep clean your bronze bathroom shelf once a month. When deep cleaning, you should use a paste mixture. First, take a teaspoon of salt and mix it with a cup of colorless vinegar. After which, you will need to stir well until it dissolves completely. Next, add small amount of white flour bit by bit until the entire mixture turns into a thick paste. Use the paste to coat your bathroom shelf, and ensure that you work it to all the hard-to-reach areas. After doing this, you should let the paste dry for about an hour before rinsing it with clean, warm water. Lastly, you will need to use a funnel cloth to polish the shelf dry.

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