Install Toilet Paper Holder In A Simple Way

A toilet paper roll holder is an essential fixture in your bathroom. If you have damaged your existing holder it is important that you fix a new one immediately. The toilet paper holder has a few parts and you must know these parts before you go on to install the holder. You must ensure that all the parts are there when you buy the holder package.

There must be two roller holders and two metal brackets to hold them to the wall. There must be four screws to secure the bracket and four anchors to hold the screws tight in the wall. There will be a spring-loaded paper holder which will fit between the roller holders. Make sure the spring works well. Check the box to see that all these parts are there.

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Where Should You Install Toilet Paper Holder?

This is a question that you should ponder and find the right location before you start drilling the holes. Each bathroom is unique and there may be obstacles to install a toilet paper holder in the correct location. The recommended location to fix the holder is at a height of 26 inches from the floor. It should be fixed around 8 to 12 inches in front of the toilet.

If the recommended position cannot be used, then you can use alternative positions. See if there is a wall in front of the toilet which is easily reachable. This will be an ideal place to fix the toilet paper holder. You can maintain the same height. There are also free-standing holders which need not be fixed to the wall. You can move it as you please.

Getting The Tools Ready And Fixing The Position

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You will need a few tools to install a toilet paper holder on to the bathroom wall. You will need a drill with bits, a bubble level, a screwdriver, masking tape, stud finder, and hammer. You must see if you can find a place with studs to fix the holder. If not, you may have to drill the wall and use the anchors.

There is usually a paper template which is available with the holder that will help you mark the places for drilling the holes. If not, you will have the measure the exact distance and mark the places. Make sure to use the bubble level to ensure that the holes are at the same level. Mark the places for drilling the holes. You can then just place the whole assembly to see whether everything is right.

Installing The Toilet Paper Holder

Once the position is fixed drill the holes. If you are drilling the holes where there is a stud then you don’t have to use the anchors. You can directly screw the mounting bracket on to the wall. There are usually two screws for each bracket. If you don’t find a stud drill the holes and hammer the anchors into the holes and screw in brackets.


Choose the location for the toilet paper holder. This should be within easy reach of the toilet and at a comfortable height for you to use.
Measure and mark the location for the mounting screws with a pencil. Use a level to ensure that the marks are straight.
Use the screwdriver to attach the mounting bracket to the wall using the marked locations.
Slide the toilet paper holder onto the mounting bracket, ensuring that it is securely in place.
Test the holder to make sure it is level and secure.
Install the toilet paper roll onto the holder.
And that’s it! With just a few simple steps, you can have a functional and convenient toilet paper holder installed in your bathroom.

Regenerate response

Once the brackets are firmly fixed attach the roller holders to the brackets using the screws given. The screws will be at the bottom of the mounting bracket. Ensure that the holders are flush against the wall. Ensure to fix the holders with the holes for fixing the paper roll holder. Fix the paper holder on to the roller holders. Check the working after you install the toilet paper holder by loading a roll and pulling the paper towards you.

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