Installing Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Rack In Your Bathroom

Nobody can deny the need for a towel rack in the bathroom. However, much need to be thought about before you buy your towel rack because they can occupy space and space is something most bathrooms today lack. You must see how you can accommodate your towel rack in your bathroom without adding to the clutter. Towel racks are available in different shapes and finishes. The oil rubbed bronze towel rack is a rage now due to the excellent antique finish that it has.

Novel Ideas For Your Towel Rack

Rustic Decorative Bathroom Towel Racks
Double Layer Towel Rack

You need to think differently if you need to install your towel rack without occupying much space. There are so many new towel racks which can be fitted in places that you never thought about. The retractable towel rack which can be fitted under your sink is one of the best. You pull open the door and your towel rack slide out.

Free-standing towel racks are also an idea because you can make space where you want by moving them here and there. The advantage is that you don’t have to do much work on your walls or damage them to fix these. You can get these free-standing towel racks in different models and shapes to match your other fixtures in the bathroom.

Keeping Your Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Rack At Height

Keeping the towel rack hanging from the shower door is another great idea. They won’t occupy space and you can remove them whenever you want. They can hold the towels high up so there is no fear of them getting wet. These are also available in various shapes and finishes. You don’t need any tools or break your walls to fix these. They just hang from the sliding doors of your shower stall.

You can also buy the bath towel with shelves. These come in both free-standing and wall fixing models. They are a combination of a shelf for keeping your toiletries and hanging your towels. They are great to save space too as you don’t need to have a separate cabinet for keeping your bath cosmetics.

Benefits Of Having A Towel Rack

Vintage Wall Mount Towel Rack
Vintage Wall Mount Towel Rack

Towel racks not only keep your towels dry and clean; they also add to the beauty of the bathroom. Having an oil rubbed bronze towel rack matching your other bathroom fixtures will make the aesthetics of the bathroom better. If you fix them at a height you can save space too. Another big advantage is that when you keep your towels on the towel rack is that they will become fully dry. If you leave it anywhere else they can remain wet and bacteria can grow on them.

What Finish Is Best For Your Towel Rack?

We have been talking about oil rubbed bronze towel rack because it is one of the best finishes available in the market right now. The finish gives your bathroom the antique touch. The oil rubbed bronze finish is dark brown or chocolate brown in color. It is different from the rubbed bronze finish because this has tiny gold and bronze flecks on it giving it a two-toned effect. What you must understand is that neither of the finishes is bronze. They are only finishes got by treating the metal with finishing oils.

When selecting an oil rubbed bronze towel rack, be sure to consider the size and style of your bathroom, as well as your personal preferences. You may want to choose a towel rack that matches other oil rubbed bronze fixtures in your bathroom to create a cohesive look.

Oil Bronze Towel Rack
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