Wooden Wall Hooks, a permanent investment

Closets are mostly an afterthought and so for many people keeping it tidy and organized implies there is a need for wooden wall hooks. These become important to elevate the home closets. Many people consider the wire or plastic hangers, but these take a big time to optimize space and also to organize the closet. The plastic and wire hangers may be a good idea, but when you aim to upgrade a closet, adding elegance and taking advantage of the wooden hooks are indispensable.

Here are a few reasons to use wooden wall hooks instead of plastic or wire.

Wooden Wall Hook


Plastic hangers are actually durable, but lack the lifespan of wood. They are inexpensive, but these will sag and the fabric stretches out the shape.

The same goes with wire hangers. There are wire hangers of better quality and most are meant for daily use and are used for dry cleaners. They are inexpensive and support the entire wardrobe.

The hanger sturdiness is important, especially to hang winter coats. A plastic or wire hanger cannot support the heavy coat weight, but wooden wall hooks can.

How wood is better

Even with a pair of light pants, a wire hanger bows quickly. This means you need to replace regularly the hanger. You may eliminate this constant replacement need by investing in wooden wall hooks.

There are wire and plastic hangers that are expensive, but the wood durability pays off in long term. Replacing hangers may bend and go out of shape, so use one that lasts for a longer time.

The wood hangers are really durable than the metal heavy duty hangers. In fact, the stainless steel hangers last longer than wire, but do not have the woods durability feature. Wooden wall hooks maintain the integrity and there is no need to replace a hanger.

Wooden Wall Hook

Maintain Lifespan

The wooden hangers are durable than the wire or plastic and they support clothes better. Thus, there is no need to bother about the clothes falling off. The shirts stretch more, when it is on sturdy hangers and if you are into the practice of hanging t-shirts, wood is the best option to maintain shirt collars.

The same is with pants as the pants weight cause hangers to sag. It will result in wrinkles in the places the pants are folded. Hanging pants on a wire hanger or plastic means you may need to iron before wearing.

Ensures elegant look

Wood wall hooks are really useful. They offer an elegant appearance as it is organized in your closet. If you like to show your friends and guests the closet, wood hangers are the best and allow you to show the clothes quality.

Choosing from wide color choices with wood go well. If you wish for more variety, you may get a walnut or natural wood finish. There are darker finishes to choose. You may choose the right color finish to match the home colors or also coordinate with your wardrobe colors. The wood sleek finish adds a great appeal.