What are Some Unique Wall Clocks to Buy?

Clocks are one of the must-have accessories at homes, and can help you to be always on time – no matter what you are doing. It can complement the rest of your indoor decor and also be a central attraction in your home. These are very popular decorative items that can make memorable keepsakes or gifts to cherish. You can find various types of unique wall clocks that can work as fantastic indoor accessories. Know about a few of them.

Boutique rose wall clock
It comes in a unique finish, and has a classic round shape with Roman numeral face. If you love flowers, you will like clocks in this type of design. Wonderful rose bouquets having an antique appearance can actually uplift and improve your kitchen decor and add charm and grace to your home. These clocks are available in many contemporary designs and can give your home a futuristic, stylish and chic appearance.

Solid hardwood clocks
If you are thinking of giving a unique gift, a wooden wall clock or a metal wall clock can be a very good option to consider. You may go for an eye-catching solid hardwood clock that has brass finish, metal casing and a classic walnut finish. This can be a great accessory, particularly for fireplaces and can lend a nice touch to your desk, shelf or mantle. Such clocks are as fetching as pendulum clocks, and come with an attractive display lends a unique charm and character to just about any room that they are kept in.

Neon clocks
These are one of the newest additions to the range of unique wall clocks that are available on the market today. These clocks, as the name indicates, glow in full darkness and can also be found in wooden material. This lends an unfinished appearance to these clocks. You can get wall clocks shaped like cartoons, which can be used for decorating the rooms of children. You can keep these in kids’ rooms, and choose from various kids’ styles – such as different cartoon characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Benten.

Glass wall clocks
These unique wall clocks come in traditional as well as modern styles, and are handmade with much attention being given to finesse and detail. Such clocks, when made by top manufacturers like Murano, are exquisite in design. There are plenty of models and such clocks can be inspired by science, ancient motifs, musical instruments, nature, horoscope, astronomy, mosaic, Roman motifs and more.

Modern ‘vintage’ clocks
Some people love clocks with a ‘vintage’ appearance. You can find unique wall clocks with plenty of vintage designs that can help achieve such an appearance. There is the evergreen ‘grandfather clock’ in smaller versions. These days, it is possible to find one of a kind wall clocks having a pendulum although these operate on battery power. Thus, you can avoid the hassles of winding the clock manually and yet get the pleasures of having the clock pendulum oscillating, giving you a nostalgic throwback to the good old days.

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