Why Go For a Double Sided Wall Clock?

A Double Sided Wall Clock is a 2-sided wall clock that shows time on both sides and not just on one side. These are generally made of metal and have Roman or Arabic numerals. Usually, these clocks have a large diameter and are big in overall size. This type of clock has been a fixture in train stations in London and some other cities in the UK. Find out why it makes sense to go for a dual sided clock.


A Double Sided Wall Clock comes with a vintage appearance, and can add an antiquated look to your interior decor. This type of clock is typically suspended from a decorative bracket or in some cases – hung from an iron bar. This kind of antique clock can add elegance and beauty to your indoor decor (home rise), and quickly become a talking point among people who walk into your home. Most of these are handcrafted in pattern and it can be a joy to have them indoor. Many of these come in Vintage Victorian style and add a touch of retro to indoor decor.


Due to the 2-way functioning, it is possible to see the time from both ways and any direction that you want. The movements of Quartz clocks are reliable and offer a hassle-free performance for a very long time.

Can last long

These clocks, despite their decorative appearance, are solid in overall construction. The timepieces are generally constructed of brass, although some are made of stainless steel or aluminum that is polished and painted to appear as brass. Thus, these wall clocks can last for a long time. The dial is protected by a thick glass cover and the clock hands can be kept safe from dust and dirt for a long time. You can be assured of the clocks maintaining a pristine appearance even with many years of use.

Runs on small power

Even with a large size, the modern versions of Double Sided Wall Clock run on a single AA battery and can run for many weeks. The clocks do not tick loudly, which ensures that there is no distraction at the time of work or sleep.

Makes wonderful gifts

The aesthetic beauty, 2-way functioning and durability of these clocks make them wonderful gifts for people who love decorative presents. If your recipient likes timekeepers with a vintage appearance, he will surely love to have this dual sided clock as a present. A Double Sided Wall Clock can be an ideal decorative accessory for your home and can also make an amazing gift.

Affordable in cost

Unless you are buying a true antique Double Sided Wall Clock, modern replicas can be quite affordable for you. These come in aluminum and even plastic, which reduces the price tag, and ensures that you can get it within the budget that you have. The popularity of vintage-looking decorative accessories cannot be debated, and you will love to have this type of antiquated clock for your home.

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